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About Us

Impact is here to help students not only reach goals, but to challenge them and develop new goals along the way. Our staff and coaches have been in the martial arts & fitness industry on average for more than 15 years. They are dedicated and passionate about finding each student's growth potential and pouring knowledge and training into that student!

Our Story

Impact Martial Arts was founded in 2010 in Canal Fulton, OH. The owner and founder Ben Baroni, has been training in the martial arts since 1991.  He wanted to offer the arts in a town with no training center for the martial arts, and the birth of Impact happened. Impact has become one of the top traditional & family-first schools in Stark County. Offering classes for kids (age 5 and up), teens, adults, women's self defense groups, military, law enforcement, business organizations, boy & girl scout troops and church groups. We proudly serve the Canal Fulton and surrounding areas.

Meet The Team


Ben Baroni - 30+years 

Founder & Lead Instructor

5th degree black belt - karate

blue belt - brazilian jiu-jitsu

Lead instructor - krav maga


Matt Richardson - 20+years

3rd degree black belt instructor- karate


Coach Dan Snodgrass - 3 years

Kids BJJ coach

Kids krav maga coach


Brad Harris - 40+years               

3rd degree black belt instructor- karate         


Paul Bartholet - 20+years

Lead BJJ instructor - 3rd degree black belt BJJ

Shane Selman

3rd degree black belt - karate

Joe Ringer II - 30+years

3rd degree black belt instructor- karate

Shane Selman - 30+years

3rd degree black belt instructor- karate

Coach Michelle Zimmerman - 4 years

Kickboxing Coach - muay thai

Kids krav maga - krav maga

Coach Bo Fisher - 5+years

Marine Corps Black Belt, Kids krav maga coach

Grandmaster Ron Coleman

9th degree black belt - song moo kwan

Coach David Hendershot - 5 years

Kids BJJ coach - BJJ

Kids krav maga - krav maga

Brad Henson - 30+years

3rd degree black belt instructor - karate

Chris Chard             Eric Parker

BJJ professor - BJJ              BJJ instructor - BJJ

Roman Baroni - 7 years

1st degree black belt - karate

Kids BJJ assistant coach

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